Our History

The Project Perfect World foundation was founded by Bob Simpson after tragically losing his son, Bobbie, to a drunk driver in August 1989. To honor Bobbie’s memory, the Simpson family traveled to an underprivileged area in Ecuador to refurbish a medical clinic. After being elected President of AHRMM (a section of the American Hospital Association), Bob was able to use his leadership role to bring awareness to the needs of Ecuador by founding PPW. Over 20 years later, the foundation continues its mission work inspired by Bob Simpson’s vision for compassion, generosity, and empowerment.

Not Just A Medical Mission

The Project Perfect World Foundation is not merely a surgical mission. Our vision is to empower international healthcare providers with education, collaboration, and infrastructure development. We leave each country that we work with more self-reliant and better equipped to care for the children in their community. Ultimately as local surgeons and healthcare workers demonstrate their competence, PPW’s involvement at the facility will decrease. PPW also supplies medical equipment that is not otherwise obtainable due to the various socio-economic issues in partnering countries. Similarly, donated equipment is serviced by PPW personnel until collaborating hospitals have demonstrated their capacity to service the equipment on their own.

Over 25 years of successful collaboration and infrastructure development sets us apart. Project Perfect Worlds plans to continue its collaborative programs in Ecuador adding a Hip Dysplasia and Spine specific program in 2021.

PPW also plans to broaden its reach to other communities in Latin America, furthering medical education by partnering U.S. based programs with international colleagues.