The Project Perfect World Foundation
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Providing orthopedic surgery for children worldwide

The Project Perfect World Foundation works with highly skilled health care volunteers to perform orthopedic and spinal surgeries on children in under-served areas around the world.

Over many years of service, the Project Perfect World Foundation has developed a collaborative educational program that improves the lives of each child treated and provides local healthcare workers with the equipment and tools they need. 

PPW organizes at least 2 trips a year to benefit children who would otherwise not receive the much-needed specialty medical care.

The long-term health and wellness of each little patient are of the utmost importance to us.

Here's what some of our doctor's have to say:

  • “Year after year, I am again reaffirmed that this is the best thing I do in medicine.”

  • “Helping these children have a chance at walking, playing, being children again is important. Giving them opportunities they might not otherwise have, it is very important to all of us.”

  • “Each year, we bring a team down. A team with few constant parts, but a majority are strangers to one another. Every year, we bond over the common thread of giving to those that are not as fortunate as us. Every year a new family of PPW comes back, having given themselves for others. Truly serving others. A new family forms a close bond over this project.”

  • “The looks of happiness and gratitude on the families’ faces. That brings me back year after year. It fills me. It replenishes me. Wellness is a hot topic regarding burnout for physicians. This is my wellness.”

  • “Many folks in the US don’t realize how good they truly have it. There are vast swaths within the globe that have next to nothing. This has been our chance to give back and try to make a real difference for those that don’t have the resources we do. And the joy and smiles that you see on the faces of the parents and families that we have the opportunity to treat…that are worth it 1000 times over.”


“To improve the health of the world’s children through quality medical intervention,

mentoring with local medical colleagues and infrastructure development.”