A more perfect world, one child at a time.

Through our medical missions, PPW’s teams work to give little ones a new chance at life — an experience that is extremely humbling.

Renewed hope is a powerful emotion to observe, as seen in the smiles and tears of appreciation of these young children and their families in the recovery room.

Big impact on little lives



Narcisa, like many young children in Ecuador, suffered from clubfoot — a condition where her feet pointed downward and the soles faced each other.

 Left unattended, clubfoot leads to an inability to walk or perform simple daily tasks. Narcisa is lucky, though, as her life dramatically changed the day the PPW team was able to successfully perform her surgery.

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Become a Volunteer

There is always a need for new PPW team members, specifically pediatric medical practitioners. Volunteers must be available to serve for one week in-country. You must also be willing to follow all the regulations the foundation and host hospital.