Our Mission

“To improve the health of the world’s children through quality medical intervention, mentoring with local medical colleagues and infrastructure development”.
PPW delivers health care to the underserved children of the world who would otherwise not receive care.
Since its beginning in 1995, the PPW Foundation has sent medical teams
around the world each year to perform orthopedic, maxillofacial, dental, 
and ophthalmic surgery on children.
In addition, PPW collects and distributes millions of dollars worth of medical and surgical supplies to countries in need.

The PPW Foundation is a non-profit, charitable effort founded in 1995 by the Association for Healthcare Resources and Material Management. PPW is a 501C-3 charitable foundation as determined by the IRS, contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by current IRS regulations.


The roots of the Project Perfect World began with a tragic accident. Bob Simpson lost his son, Bobbie, to a drunk driver in August 1989. To honor Bobbie’s memory, the Simpson family traveled to an underprivileged area in Ecuador in November 1989 to refurbish a medical clinic. Each year the family returned to provide support to these communities in need.

In 1995 Bob Simpson was elected President of AHRMM, a section of the American Hospital Association, and asked members to open their hearts and adopt the mission of helping children worldwide!

“Sometimes when I see how many children need help, I am saddened because I know it is impossible to care for them all. But then I look into the eyes of the many we can help, and I realize that it’s better to touch those we can than none at all.” 

Bob Simpson

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Providing orthopedic surgery for children worldwide

The Project Perfect World Foundation (PPW) provides health care needs to children in under-served areas around the world. For over 20 years PPW has organized at least 2 trips a year; performing orthopedic and spinal surgery on children who would otherwise not receive the much-needed specialty medical care. We work with a highly skilled group of health care volunteers who donate their time and talents to serving the children.

Health Clinics


More than 200 children are screened during each orthopedic trip to coordinate surgeries for the following mission as well as follow up with patients from previous trips. Renewed hope is a powerful emotion to observe, as seen in the smiles and tears of appreciation of these young children and their families.



The vision of PPW is to develop close, long-term professional relationships with local hospital staff empowering them to provide quality medical care and orthopedic services.

PPW has a long-term, working relationship with Roberto Gilbert Hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Returning to Ecuador consistently has allowed PPW to develop a strong spine and general orthopedics program, and train Ecuadorian surgeons in the latest surgical techniques.

While the orthopedic staff in Ecuador is excellent, they lack equipment, supplies, and educational material. By providing needed materials and education PPW is able to ensure that local staff can provide the children of Ecuador with the best of care.

In addition, PPW works with Ecuadorian medical students. These students serve as translators and are given opportunities to get early experience working in pediatric surgery and patient care.




Board of Directors

Douglas Beck, President

Our Doctors

How You Can Help

Each year since the PPW Foundation started, we have been able to do more and more! The number of children we help increases significantly, but each year we still must turn away hundreds of children who require care because we simply don’t have the resources to help them.

Donations and volunteers are critical to our success!